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Contents Number 1

Identification of Recharge Sources Using Environmental Isotopes in Piedmont Zone of Himalaya, Hardwar District, India

Mufid Al-Hadithi, Mohammad Israil, D. Singhal, Bhishm Kumar


Temporal Variations of Submicron Particle Number Concentrations at an Urban Background Site in Amman Jordan

Shatha Ali-Saleh, Zain Shilbayeh, Hamza Alkattan, Mohammad Al-Refie, Omar Jaghbeir, Tareq Hussein


Groundwater Quality Assessment Using Irrigation Water Quality Index and GIS in Baghdad, Iraq

Mufid Al-Hadithi, Karima Hasan, Amer Algburi, Kamal Al-Paruany


Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Heavy Metal Reduction: A Case Study of Enhanced Degradation Potential of Animal Waste by Fungal Isolates

Akiri-Obaroakpo, Imarhiagbe Eseosa, Ekhaise Frederick


The Potential of the Application of Olive Cake and Stone Cutting Waste for Soil Amendment

Jalal Al-Tabbal and Kamel Al-Zboon


Adsorption Modeling of Cr+3 on Volcanic Tuff-Based Geopolymer

Kamel Al-Zboon, Bashar Al-Smadi, Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, Sajedh Al-Khawaldh


The Economic and Environmental Effects of Water Harvesting in Arbaat Region, Red Sea State

Mohammed Alzubair, Atiyat Nuri, Al Imam Ali


Climate Monitoring and Damage Assessment Model: A Case Study from the Praetorium at Umm El-Jimal Archaeological Site, Jordan

Fadi Bala'awi and Shatha Abu Aballi

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