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Soft-Sediment Deformation in the Campanian-Maastrichtian Deltaic Deposits of the Afikpo Sub-basin, South-eastern Nigeria: Recognition of Endogenic Trigger

Ogechi Ekwenye, Ayonma Mode, Ifeanyi Oha, Fidelis Onah


Use of GPR for Imaging Subsurface Archaeological Remains in the Islamic City of Ayla, Aqaba, Jordan

AbdEl-Rahman Abueladas


The Impact of Composting on Air Quality in the Jordanian Badia

Mahmoud Abu-Allaban


Model Simulations of Local Meteorological Conditions in the Vicinity of a Hypothetical Nuclear Power Plant in Jordan

Marwan M. Al-Kloub, Alexander Mahura, Alexander Baklanov, Nahid Atashi, Tareq Hussein


Challenges to Sustainable Water Management in Jordan

Atef Al-Kharabsheh


A Review of Gravity and Magnetic Studies in the Jordan Dead Sea Transform Zone

Radwan El-Kelani


Spatial and Temporal Variability Analyses of Water Quality in Jaghjagh River, Syria

Rami Kaba and Ahmad Majar


A Microbiological and Physicochemical Assessment of Top Soils from Makeshift Open Waste Dumpsites in the Premises of some Schools in Benin City

Aimuanmwosa Eghomwanre, Nosa Obayagbona, Covenant Ilontumhan

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