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Mitigating the Effects of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds on Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Malek Hajaya


Novel Spectrophotometric Method with Enhanced Sensitivity for the Determination of Nitrite in Vegetables

Abdulqawi Numan, Anass Al-Nedhary, Mahfoudh Al-Hamadi, Shaif Saleh, Fares Ghaleb, Mansour Galil


Assessment of the Suitability of Urban Residential Roof Catchments for Rainwater Capturing in Umuahia, Southeastern Nigeria

Ubuoh Emmanuel, Kanu Samuel, Uzonu Ugona


An Overview of Solid Waste in Nigeria: Challenges and Management

Odiana Sylvester and Olorunfemi Ikudayisi


Assessment of Microorganisms Isolated from Steeping Maize (Zea mays L.) and Sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L.) on the Hydrolysis of some Hydrocarbon Products

Adewale Olalemi, Daniel Arotupin, Oluwadamilola Ojuolape, Funso Ogunmolu


Differential Morphological Growth Responses of Chromolaena odorata under Heavy Metal Influence

Gloria Omoregie and Beckley Ikhajiagbe


Assessment of Environmental Pollution on the Soil, Plants, and Water Chemistry of Insurgency-Inflicted Communities of Madagali, Adamawa State Nigeria

Ibrahim Bwatanglang, Ezekiel Yonnana, Lynna Ibrahim, Aishatu Medugu, Elisha Bitrus


A GIS-EIP Model for a Mechanic Industrial Zone Site Selection in Al-Mafraq City, Jordan

Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh, Khaled Hazaymeh, Sara Nusiar, Rana Shdaifat, Mu'ayyad Al Hseinat


Determination of Flash Floods Hazards and Risks for Irbid Governorates Using Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling

Naheel Al Azzam and Mustafa Al Kuisi


A Review and Evaluation of K. H. Karim and M. Al-Bidry's 2020 Study "Zagros Metamorphic Core Complex: Example from Bulfat Mountain, Qala Diza Area, Kurdistan Region, Northeast Iraq" (Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 11 (2): 113-125).

Sarmad Ali, Yousif Mohammad, Nabaz Aziz, Ahmed Aqrawi, Fadhil Lawa, Rafid Aziz, Mohsin Ghazal, Mohammed Sofy, Irfan Yara, Imad Abdulzahra

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