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JJEES Volume 2

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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Diurnal and Seasonal Variation of Air Pollution at Al-Hashimeya Town, Jordan
Sana'a Abed El-Raoof Odat

Petrology and Geochemistry of the Metasediments of the Janub Metamorphic Suite, Southern Jordan: Implications for Geothermobarometry and Economic Potential
Mahmoud A. Habboush, Ghaleb H. Jarrar

Compressive Strength of Vuggy Oolitic Limestones as a Function of Their Porosity and Sound PROPAGATION
Basem K. Moh’d

Quality Assessment of Harvested Rainwater for Domestic Uses
G. Saffarini and S. Odat

Ordovician Invertebrates from Jebel Qamar South,Dibba Zone, United Arab Emirates
Abdul Rahim A. Hamdan, Hakam A. Mustafa

Contents of  Special Publication number  1

Environmental Magnetism: Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils as a Function of Magnetic Materials Content.

Tayel El-Hasan, Abdel-Jaleel Al-Nawiseh, Mahdi S. Lataifeh


Heavy Metals Distribution in the Dead Sea Black Mud, Jordan

Kamal Momani; Tayel El-Hasan, Samer  Auaydeh , Khaled Al-Nawayseh


 Exchange Coupling and Magnetic Properties of Fe/Ir(001) superlattices

B. Alqassem, B.A. Hamad, J.M. Khalifeh  


Associated Minerals and their Influence on the Optical Properties of Jordanian Kaolin

Akl M. Awwad, Rafat Ahmad, Hatem Alsyouri


Mineralogy and Authigenesis of Zeolitic Tuff from Tall-Juhira and Tall Amir, South Jordan

Reyad A. Dwairi, Hani N. Khoury, Khalil M. Ibrahim


Cementation of Silver Ions on Metallic Copper

Marian Jaskuła


Determination of crystallite thickness and crystal growth mechanisms of Jordanian clays by X-ray diffraction method.

I.M.Odeh, W.A.Saqqa, D.Eberl


Adsorption of Thorium (IV) and Uranium (VI) by Tulul al-Shabba Zeolitic Tuff, Jordan

Mona Al-Shaybe and Fawwaz Khalili





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