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Number 1

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Contents Number 1

Studies on Adsorptive Removal of Some Heavy Metal Ions by Calix[4]Resorcine

Salah A. Al-Trawnehs


Kinetic Study on Adsorption of Fatty HydroxamicAcids by Natural Clays

Basel M. Jafar, Imad Hamadneh, Fawwaz I. Khalili, Ammar H. Al-Dujaili


Air Quality Impact of the Upgraded Al-Samra Waste Water Treatment Plant

Abdullah Al-Mashaqbeh, Mahmoud Abu-Allaban, Ahmad Al-Malabah


Rainfall Fluctuation for Exploring Desertification and Climate Change: New Aridity Classification

Mohammed A. Salahat, Mohammed I. Al-Qinna


Structural and Stress Analysis of the Area between Al-Akeider and Mughayer As-Sirhan, Northwestern Badia- Jordan

Abdullah Diabat


Concentrations, Human and Ecological Risks of Metals in Soils in the Vicinity of Asphalt Plants in Delta States, Nigeria

Chukwujindu M. A. Iwegbue, Stephen A. Osakwe,Cyril I. Elokozie and Godwin E. Nwajei


Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contents in Road Dust of Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria

Maxwell O. Kanu, O. C. Meludu, and S. A. Oniku


Contents Number 2

Deriving the Pore Structure of Selected Jordanian Building Limestones

Basem K. Moh'd


Environmental Pollution of Cell-Phone Towers: Detection and Analysis Using Geographic Information System

M-Ali H. Al-Akhras, Borhan A. Albiss, Moath S. Alqudah, Taleb S. Odeh


Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Climate Change at Northern Jordanian Badia

Alaa Abu Sada, Mahmoud Abu-Allaban, Ahmad Al-Malabeh


Volumetric and landscape-ecological diachronic analysis of a historical artificial water reservoir Evicka in Slovakia

Daniel Kubinský, Karol Weis, Milan Lehotský, Jakub Fuska, Pokrývková


Assessment of Solid Waste Management in Lokoja, Nigeria

Musilimu Adeyinka Adetunji, Tolu Isaac Atomode, Ismaila Okino Isah


Water Budget Assessment for a Typical Watershed in the Karak Plateau, Jordan

Ibrahim M. Oroud


Fractionation of Zinc and their Association with Soil Properties in Soils of governorate Homs

Sameer Shamsham, Reem Nassra


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