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Contents Number 1

What can be learnt from Past Disasters? Analysis of the Mw 8.8 Mega Earthquake of Central Chile with MORT

R. Alvarado-Corona, C. Mota-Hernández, J. L. Félix-Hernández and J. Santos-Reyes


Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) by Using Local Jordanian Sand (LJS) and Iron dust - Sand mixed Adsorbents

Aymen Abdul-Salam M. Awad


Evaluation of Qanat subsidence potential map in West of Mashhad city NE of Iran

Fahimeh Salehi Moteahed, Mohammad Ghafoori, Gholam Reza Lashkaripour and Naser Hafezi Moghaddas


Shiraz air pollution: Dependency on meteorology and temporal variability

Amir sasha Banankhah, Farhad Nejadkoorki and Hamid Sodaeezadeh


Influence of Urbanization on Water Quality Deterioration of Northern Wadi Shu?eib Catchment Area Springs, Jordan

Noor M. Al-Kharabsheh and Atef A. Al-Kharabsheh


SRAD radial diagram: a new way to display important aspects of fault-slip analysis results

Alireza Yousefi-Bavil

Contents Number 2

Removal of Aqueous Chromium (III) Ions Using Jordanian Natural Zeolite Tuff in Batch and Fixed Bed Modes

Ahmad M. Al-Haj-Ali and Lana M. Marashdeh


Evaluation of Beach Volume Along the Tsunami Affected Coast, Southern East Coast of India

Sakthivel Saravanan and Nainar Pandiyan Chandrasekar


The Characteristics of Cement Mortars Utilizes the Untreated Phosphogypsum Wastes Generated From Fertilizer Plant, Aqaba- Jordan

Nafeth A. Abdelhadi, Monther A. Abdelhadi and Tayel M. El-Hasan


Effect of Oil Shale Ash on Static Creep Performance of Asphalt-Paving Mixtures

Qahir N. Al- Qadi, Arabi N. Al-Qadi, and Taiser S. Khedaywi


Late Cretaceous Muwaqqar Formation Ammonites in Southeastern Jordan

Amani M. Khrewesh, Abdullah Abu Hamad and Abdulkader M. Abed


Effects of the Upgrading of Al-Ramtha - Northern Jordan, Wastewater Treatment Plant on Quality of the Effluent and Environment

Alaa A. Mayyas; Hakam A. Mustafa and Nigem El-Deen Yusuf


Seasonal Variation of Temperature in Dhaka Metropolitan City, Bangladesh

Md. Zakaria Hossain, Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal, Sarose Kumar Sarkar and Md. Abdul Haque

Contents of Special Publication number 3

Importance of clay minerals in Jordan Case study: Volkonskoite as a sink for hazardous elements of a high pH plume

Hani N. Khoury


Geochemistry of surficial uranium deposits from central Jordan

Hani N. Khoury


High Calcium Ash Incorporated Into Clay, Sand and Cement Mortars Used For Encapsulating of Heavy Metals

Tayel El-Hasan, Bassam Z. Mahasneh, Nafeth Abdel Hadi and Monther Abdelhadi


Geology and Mineralogy of Zeolitic Tuff in Tulul Unuqar Rustum Ash Shmaliyya, NE JORDAN

Khalil M. Ibrahim


Characterization of Pozzolana from Tafila area and its potential use as soil amendment for plant growth

Reyad Ali Al Dwairi



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