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Number 1

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Contents Number 1

Air Pollution Impact of Medical Waste Incineration in Semi-Arid Areas

Walaa I. Matalqah, Bashar M. Al Smadi and Kamel K. Al-Zboon


Parametric Study and Empirical Modeling for the Equilibrium and Kinetic Adsorption of Milk Organics onto Stone Cutting Particles

Nareman Zahdeh, Maher Al-Jabari, Nadia Iqefan, and Hiba Dweik


The Impact of Weather Parameters on Atmospheric PM2.5 at Al-Hasan Industrial Zone, East of Irbid- Jordan

Sana'a Odat and M. T. Alodat


Electrical Resistivity Tomography Modeling of Vertical Lithological Contact using Different Electrode Configurations

Hani Al-Amoush, Jafar Abu Rajab, Eid Al-Tarazi, Abdel Rahman Al-Shabeeb, Rida Al-Adamat and A'kif Al-Fugara


Soil Metal Distribution under Different Land Uses of Emerging Mega Cities in Southwest Nigeria and the Associated Ecological Risk

Azeez Jamiu Oladipupo


Uptake of Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Selenium (Se), Strontium (Sr), Vanadium (V) And Uranium (U) by Wild Plants in Khan Al- Zabib Area /Central Jordan

Asma Fayyad Bzour, Hani Nicola Khoury and Sawsan Attalah Oran


Contents Number 2

Structural Evolution of the Area North of Ajloun Dome, Jordan

Mohammad Al-Tawalbeh, Mohammad Atallah and Mahmoud Al Tamimi


Assessment of Heavy Metals in Topsoil of Al Hashmiyya City of Jordan

Kholoud Mashal, Mohammed Salahat, Mohammed Al-Qinna and Yahya Ali


Does Forest Litterfall Nutrient Stocks Affect the Nutrient Supplying Capacity of Soils?

Azeez Jamiu Oladipupo


Formulation of Water Budget in Jordan

Fayha M. Al-Shibli, William A. Maher and Ross M. Thompson


How Precisely «Kaya Identity» Can Estimate GHG Emissions: A Global Review

Azadeh Tavakoli


The Use of GIS Techniques and Geophysical Investigation for Flood Management at Wadi Al-Mafraq Catchment Area

Hani Al-Amoush, Abdel Rahman Al-Shabeeb, Rida Al-Adamat, A'kif Al-Fugara, Saad Al Ayyash, Akram Shdeifat, Eid Al-Tarazi and Jafar Abu Rajab


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