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Contents Number 1



Morphometric Characterization of Gelana Watershed, Awash River Basin, Ethiopia.

Tesfaye Wasihun Abro


Geospatial Soil Suitability Assessment for Maize (Zea mays) Production in Derived Savanna of Agricultural Research and Training, OYO STATE, Nigeria

Anthony Tobore, Bolarinwa Senjobi, Ganiyu Oyerinde, Samuel Bamidele


Utilization of Jordanian Bentonite Clay in Mortar and Concrete Mixtures

Ayoup M. Ghrair, Adi J. Said, Hussein Al-kroom, Naela Al Daoud, Bassel Hanayneh, Ahmad Mhanna, and Ahmed Gharaibeh


Late Eocene (Priabonian) planktic foraminifera from Jabal Hafit, Al Ain area, United Arab Emirates

Haidar Salim Anan


Anoxic Marine Conditions Recorded from the Middle Paleozoic Black Shales (Kaista and Ora formations), Northern Iraq: A multi-Proxy Approach

Ali I. Al-Juboury, Rahma S. Al-Auqadi, Safwan H. Al-Lhaebi, Harold D. Rowe and Salim H. Hussein


2D Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Harthaand Kifl Formations in Balad Area– Center of Iraq

Ali M. Abed, Jassim M. Al-Halboosi, Amer S. Al-Jibouri, Salam O. Al-Hetty


Chemical Effect on Soil Strength by adding Lime and Natural Pozzolana

Maiasa Mlhem


Kinematic Analysis of Amman-Hallabat Structure, Northeast Dead Sea, Jordan

Masdouq Al-Taj

Contents Number 2



Flood Disaster Preparedness and Capacity Assessment Among Crop Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria.

Odiana S., Mbee D. M and Akpoghomeh O. S


Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Beryl-Bearing Prgmatite Dykes from Gbayo, Southwestern Nigeria

Razak O. Jimoh, Akinade S. Olatunji, Jimoh Ajadi and Adegoke O. Afolabi


Assessing The Extent of Public Participation in Planning and Management of Conservation Areas in Nigeria

Hassan Abdulaziz, Shuaibu Abdul-Wahab and Ibrahim Jibrin Abubakar


Hydrogeological Modeling of the Sandstone Aquifer of Mostaganem Plateau (North-West Algerian) and Perspectives on the Evolution of Withdrawals

Bentahar Fatiha, Mesbah Mohamed and Ribstein Pierre


Geochemistry of Detrital Chromite from Gercus Formation (M. Eocene), Northern Iraq: Implications for the Provenance and Paleotectonic

Zahraa J. Al-Jubory, Falah A. Al-Miamary, Safwan F. Al-Lhaebi and Harvey E. Belkin


Effect of Irrigation with Treated Wastewater on Potatoes' Yields, Soil Chemical, Physical and Microbial properties

Hasan Alkhaza'leh, Ahmad Abu-Awwad and Mohammed Alqinna


Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of the Metagabbros of Penjween Ophiolite Complex, Northeastern Iraq

Omar S. Al-Taweel, Flyah H. Al-Khatony, Mohammed A. Al-Jboury and Shareef Th. Al-Hamed


Integrated evaluation of soil erosion-prone areas based on the GIS technique and the analytic hierarchy process on hillside slopes, northwest of Jordan

Noah Mohammad Ali Al-Sababhah and Mohammad Mahmoud Al maqablah

Contents Number 3



Analysis of Rainfall Trends in Three Selected Rain Gauging Stations from WL3, IL1a, and DL1f Agroecological Regions in Srilanka

Latheef Fathima Zisath Shama and Mohamed M. M. Najim


Geotechnical Investigation, Modelling and Visualization of Shallow Subsurface Soil at Khobash District, Najran, Saudi Arabia

Adnan Aqeel, Stanley Nwokebuihe, Saleh Qaysi, Ahmed Abd El-Al, Adel Elkrry


Surficial Survey of Unstressed Aquifers for Saltwater-freshwater Interaction using 2D Inverse Resistivity Model and Saltwater Markers in the Coastal Area of Ogheye in the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

Oghenero Ohwoghere-Asuma, Kizito Ejiro Aweto, Glory Ovwamuedo, Daniel Ugbome


Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and its Suitability for Drinking and Agricultural Use in F'kirina Plain, Northern Algeria

Salima Djoudi, Séverin Pistre, Belgacem Houha


IoT Enabled Model for Improving Responses of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Programs to Urgent Community Needs During COVID-19

Zeyad Alshboul, Mohammad Malkawi, Kamel Alzboon


The Effect of Hydrothermal Curing on the Efflorescence of Micro/Nanometric Size Jordanian Aluminosilicate Inorganic Polymers

Islam Aldabsheha, Maite Garcia-Vallesb, Salvador Martinezb


Transportation, Accumulation and Pollution by Lost Raw Phosphate Dust Particles from a Phosphate Loading Berth in Coastal Water of the Gulf of Aqaba-Red Sea

Rawajfh, M. M., Rasheed, M. Y, Al-Rousan, S. A., Manasrah, R. S, Abu-Hilal A.H.


The Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Mapping Silica Sand Deposits in Jordan

Muheeb Awawdeh, Eman Alkhateeb, Nazem Al-Radaideh

Contents Number 4



Landfills in the Context of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Lebanon: A review focusing on Greater Beirut Area

Rana Sawaya, Heba Kourani, Jalal Halwani, Nada Nehme


Estimating National Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Food Systems in Jordan

Rama Mazahreh and Mahmoud Abu-Allaban


Geochemical Discriminant for Provenance, Source Area Weathering and Paleoredox of Some Shale Deposits in Edo State, Nigeria

Martins Ilevbare and Adeleye Rita A.


Risk Perception Assessment for Sawmill workers in Benin Metropolis, Edo State, Southern Nigeria, Nigeria

Chika F. Amaechi and Akus K.Okoduwa


Remote Sensing and Aeromagnetic Study in Part of Sheet 244 Ado Ekiti Northeast for Groundwater Development

Hussain Olanrewaju Abubakar, Olusegun Omoniyi Ige, Saminu. Olatunji


Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrogensis of Pleistocene Volcanism from Dear Al-kahef Basaltic Field (Harrat Al-Shaam), Northeast Jordan

Hassan Al-Fugha and Ahmad Al-Malabeh


Trace Metals and TPH Assessment of Drill Cuttings from the Vicinity of the South-Bank Estuary Oil Facility in Forcados, Nigeria

Ohwoghere-Asuma, Oghenero, Glory Ovwamuedo, Tony Irwin Akpoborie


Amelioration of nano-Kaolinite deportation for heavy Pb(II)'s, Cd(II)'s, and Cu(II)'s ions from aquatic environments

Said Jeries Al Rabadi, Mehaysen Al-Mahasneh, Akl M. Awwad


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