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JJEES Volume 15

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Geology and Petrography of the Ash-Sharqi Granitoid Pluton, Southwestern Yemen

Abdul-Hamid Malek and Mukhtar A. Nasher


Improvement in Oxygen Demand Capacities of Palm Oil Mill Effluent from Ujiogba Edo State Using Some Selected Bacterial and Fungal Isolates

Enerijiofi, K. Erhons Igbinovia, F. Odegwa and Ikhajiagbe, Beckley


Geochemical Characteristics of Rare Earth Elements in Argillic Alteration Zone: An Example from the Kharvana area, NW Iran

Ali Abedini and Maryam Khosravi


Preliminary Assessment of Trace Metals in Sediments of the Ebonyi River, Abakaliki Metallogenic Province, Nigeria

Olufemi Victor Omonona and Somtochukwu Goodness Azombe


Demarcation of Groundwater Quality Using Drinking Water Quality Index (DWQI), Nitrate Pollution Index (NPI), and Irrigation Indices: A Case Study from Jerash Region

Eman Bani Khaled, Mutawakil Obeidat, Ahmad Al-Ajlouni, Muheeb Awawdeh, Muna Abu Dalo


Updated Seismic Hazard Assessment Evaluation for the City of Aqaba, Jordan

Qadan, Hani, Al Tarazi, Eid, Jaradat, Rasheed, Abu-Hamatteh, Ziad, Amjad, Yasin


Effect of different Olive Mill Wastewater Treatments on Seed Germination

Al-Jedaih Ma'amoun S., Bashaar Y. Ammary, Omar A. Rimawi, and Jalal A. Al-Tabbal


Simulation of Breakthrough Curves of Pb Ions Adsorption by Natural Zeolitic Tuff Using Axial Dispersion and External Mass Transfer Modelsy

Ahmad M. Al-Haj-Ali and Ali K. Al-Matar


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