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Contents Number 1



Late Santonian - Campanian Ostracodes from Northwestern Jordan: Biostratigraphic and Paleobiogeographic Implications

Mahmoud H. Al- Tamimi, Jamal S. Nazzal, and Mohammad Alqudah


Building Collapse in Nigeria and its Consequences on the Architect's Role as the Leader of The Building Team

Obi. I. Nicholas, Nwalusi, M. Dickson, Francis O. Okeke


Estimation of Surface Soil Particles Using Remote Sensing-based Data in Al-Ghab Plain, Syria

Alaa Khallouf , Sameer Shamsham, Younes Idries


Petrographical and Petrophysical Studies of Some Upper Cretaceous Rocks, Western Desert, Egypt

Hesham Abuseda and Abdel Moktader El_Sayed


Physicochemical Composition and Heavy Metals Tolerance of Bacterial Isolates in Leachate from Solid Waste Dumpsites in Delta North Senatorial District, Delta State

Enerijiofi, K. E., Okuguni, N. N. and Ajayi, A. V.


Water Audits of Academic Institutions in Water Stressed Countries; the Case of the Jordan University

Ola Al-Qawasmi and Munjed Al Sharif


Evaluation of Aquifer Characteristics within Birnin Kebbi Metropolis, Northwestern Nigeria Using Geoelectric Survey

Ologe Oluwatoyin and Ola-Buraimo A.Olatunji


Geological, Mineralogical and Physical Properties of Aswan Kaolinitic Clays, Egypt: Implications for Industrial Applications

Hossam K. Sharaka, Hatem M. El-Desoky, Mohamed W. Abd El-Moghny, Nabil A. Abdel Hafez, Sayed A. Abuelleban

Contents Number 2



"Open Source GIS Solution: An Overview of the Architecture of Free Open Source Web GIS".

Balqies Sadoun, Omar Al-Bayari and Suhaib Al-Tawara


Geoelectrical Study of Groundwater Potential at Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic's Gesse Campus BirninKebbi, Kebbi State, Nigeria

Ibrahim Mohammed and Suleiman Taufiq


Kinematic and Q-slope Application for Stability Assessment of the Rock Slopes Along Goshan_Qupy Qaradagh Road, Sulaimaniyah, NE-Iraq

Ghafor Ameen Hamasur


Integrating 'The Triangle of Geography, Geology, and Geophysics' into Sustainable Development

Iain S. Stewart


Morpho-physiological Effects of Drought on Medicinal Plants and the Potential Use of Remote Sensing - A Review

Tewfik Al-hamed, Safwan M. Shiyab, and Jawad Al-Bakri


Ecotoxicological Consequences and Hyper-accumulative Potentials of Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) Exposed to Heavy Metals Spiked in Native Soils

Doris Fovwe Ogeleka and Gloria Omorowa Omoregie


Examining the Performance Specifications of Dunesand Reinforced with Fibers Recycled from Waste Yarn Textiles in Subgrade

Ali Mohamad Montazeri, Mohammad Mehdi Khabiri, Zohreh Ghafori Fard


Anthropogenic Influence on Soil Quality Dynamics and Potential Ecological Risk in Agricultural Soils of the Nworie River Watershed, Nigeria

Ubuoh Emmanue Attah, Ofoegbu Clara Chinwendu, Boise Ekene

Contents Number 3



Temporal–Spatial Dew Formation Potential in Jordan – Identification of Dew Formation Zones

Nahid Atashi and Tareq Hussein


Land Suitability Evaluation Using FAO Approach and Spatial Analysis for Mujib Basin – Jordan

Abd Al-azeez Hdoush, Zeyad Makhamreh, Radwan Al-Weshah Deya Qutishat


The Aquatic Corrosion of International Simple Glass: Corrosion-Rate Trackers and Surface Alteration Layer Evolution at Varying Conditions

Ali Al Dabbas, Katalin Kopecskó, Rachael Abu-Halimeh


Kinematic Analysis of Landslides: A Case Study Along Jerash-Amman Highway, Jordan

Abdullah Diabat, Majed Ibrahim, Yasmeen Al-Hawareen


Plants of Saline Coastal and Inland Sabkha Areas as Indicators of Environmental Conditions in Southern Jordan

Ikhlas Alhejoj, Klaus Bandel, Elias Salameh, Mohammad Al-Gharaibeh, Jwan Ibbini


Assessment of Surface Water Resources Based on Different Growth Scenarios, for Borkena River Sub-basin, Awash River Basin, Ethiopia

Hasen Hussien, Zerihun Asmelash Samuel, Andualem Shigute Bokke, Abreham Bekele Bayu


Integrated Geophysical Study for Delineation of Structures Favorable to Uranium Mineralization in Al-Amerat, Sultanate of Oman

Narasimman Sundararajan, Bernhard Pracejus, A Ebrahimi, Talal Al Hosni and Jaber Al Neseiri


Impact of the Effluent Characteristics of Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants on the Irrigated Soil and Plants

Mohammad Al-Mubaidin, Husam Al-Hamaiedeh and Tayel El-Hasan

Contents Number 4



Historic Management of the Dynamic Landscape in the Surroundings of Petra, Jordan

Nizar Abu-Jaber, Catreena Hamarneh, Mohammad Al Farajat, Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh and Sahar al Khasawneh


Drainage Pattern Analysis for Sustainable Environmental Planning, Himachal Pradesh, India

C Prakasam and Saravanan R


Landsat / MODIS Fusion for Soil Moisture Estimation Over a Heterogeneous Area in Northern Jordan

Ali Almagbile, Khaled Hazeymeh, Mostafa Mosleh, Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh4, Omar Aldayafleh, Mohammad Zeitoun, Amer Maslamani


Plastic Waste for the Enhancement of Concrete Properties - A review

Salim Kennouche, Hami Brahim, Houssam Eddine Abdelli, J.L.Barroso de Aguiar, Carlos Jesus


Groundwater Quality Around Active and Non-Active Dumpsites in Benin City, Nigeria

Okwuchukwu Chiedozie and Akiri-Obaroakpo Tosan


The Reduced Paleostress Tensors Based on Fault-Slip Data of Dana Conglomerate Formation in Ed Dhira Area, Dead Sea-Jordan

Mohammad Al-Adamat and Abdullah Diabat


Assessment of Subsoil Suitability for Shallow Foundation Design at Part of Ibadan Area, Southwestern Nigeria, using Geophysical and Geotechnical Techniques

Obini N., Egware, Ekinne, O. Adedeji E. Abel, and Omietimi, J. Erepamo


Bioremediation of Cassava, Cocoa, and Palm Oil Industrial Effluents Using Indigenous Bacteria and Fungi

Stephen Ojodale, Adewale Olalemi, Felix Akinyosoye


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