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JJEES Volume 14

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Morphometric Characterization of Gelana Watershed, Awash River Basin, Ethiopia.

Tesfaye Wasihun Abro


Geospatial Soil Suitability Assessment for Maize (Zea mays) Production in Derived Savanna of Agricultural Research and Training, OYO STATE, Nigeria

Anthony Tobore, Bolarinwa Senjobi, Ganiyu Oyerinde, Samuel Bamidele


Utilization of Jordanian Bentonite Clay in Mortar and Concrete Mixtures

Ayoup M. Ghrair, Adi J. Said, Hussein Al-kroom, Naela Al Daoud, Bassel Hanayneh, Ahmad Mhanna, and Ahmed Gharaibeh


Late Eocene (Priabonian) planktic foraminifera from Jabal Hafit, Al Ain area, United Arab Emirates

Haidar Salim Anan


Anoxic Marine Conditions Recorded from the Middle Paleozoic Black Shales (Kaista and Ora formations), Northern Iraq: A multi-Proxy Approach

Ali I. Al-Juboury, Rahma S. Al-Auqadi, Safwan H. Al-Lhaebi, Harold D. Rowe and Salim H. Hussein


2D Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Harthaand Kifl Formations in Balad Area– Center of Iraq

Ali M. Abed, Jassim M. Al-Halboosi, Amer S. Al-Jibouri, Salam O. Al-Hetty


Chemical Effect on Soil Strength by adding Lime and Natural Pozzolana

Dr. Maiasa Mlhem


Kinematic Analysis of Amman-Hallabat Structure, Northeast Dead Sea, Jordan

Masdouq Al-Taj


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